The Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado thanks CSN

(Translated by Eunice Gibson )

This simple message of gratitude only hopes to provide strong recognition for all that you have done for us in the last few years.  We have now completed almost ten years and you have always been there for us.  We have always felt Cecilia¹s solidarity and unconditional effort in our work of resistance.  Ever since the beginning of our process she has been there and, in spite of the difficulties and all of the killings, she has helped to gather for us the solidarity of all of you.

If we are still continuing to resist, it is thanks to your support.  Today perhaps we are not as strong as we once were, and we have not all survived, because some of us have been exterminated.  Nevertheless, the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado has become a symbol of resistance for other communities.  Not only because of what we are doing, but because we have survived the extermination planned and carried out by the government against us.  In our resistance, we have not been alone, nor has it been by our efforts alone, but rather the Colombia Support Network has always accompanied us.

We cannot just thank you for this support, which is very important and will be of great help to the families whose return we are planning for la Esperanza.  We thank you for your constant support, for the different delegations that come to our community every year.  One example is the fundamental importance of the report that you made about the massacre that took place last year.

For that we thank you from our hearts and with all the affection of our community.  We remember you and we know that we can always count of you, since you have always been with us, supporting us and in solidarity with us in all of our difficult moments.  We know that with all of our gratitude and appreciation that we have for you, and that you have for us, we will overcome the difficulties that we see in our daily lives.  It would be hard to understand the process of civil resistance in this community without also understanding the support given by the Colombia Support Network ever since our community was born.   For all of that, once again, our heartfelt thanks.


Drafted and approved by the assembly of the whole community, August 5, 2006.

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