CSN ‘s Note: In the past several days, Senator Gustavo Petro of the Polo Democratico Party, the alternative opposition party whose Presidential candidate finished second in the 2006 elections with 2.6 million votes, has been presenting information uncovered showing the links between the illegal paramilitary forces and Colombian political figures in Antioquia state, and suggesting a debate on this. Among the persons mentioned as collaborating with the paramilitaries is Santiago Uribe Velez, who is a brother of President Alvaro Uribe Velez. The following anonymous message, which has been circulated widely in Colombia since it appeared yesterday, contains clear threats directed at Senator Petro and the Polo Democratico. The Polo uses the color yellow as its identifying color. The reference to yellow in the message is, therefore, a threat against Polo party members. Note the reference to U.S. support of President Uribe¹s policies as a guarantee for the paramilitaries¹ proposed murder campaign.
Please write to your Congressional Representative and Senators to express your serious concern about these threats, and write to President Bush and Secretary of State Rice to tell them you want the U.S. government to make clear to President Uribe that it expects President Uribe to investigate these threats, prosecute those responsible for them, and provide protection for Senator Petro and other leaders and members of the Polo Democratico. Any future U.S. aid to Colombia should be conditioned upon the Uribe government providing these protections and permitting the revelations by Senator Petro and others to go forward.


³Communique to all those servile kneeling persons camouflaged as civilians²
³Colombia free of communists, armed political arm of the Ex-AUC²
³Fronts: Capital, Central, Sur, Caribe,Llanos, Nororiente, Nueva Generacion, Aguilas Negras ( Capital, Central, Caribbean, Plains, Northeast, New Generation, Black Eagles)
³We identify ourselves with the security policy of President Alvaro Uribe Velez; we are with him until the final victory over the communists disguised and camouflaged as civilians who continue to serve the insurgency of the FARC. We are one step away from realizing the greatest dream of our president, which is the consolidation of the communitarian state and the new political-administrative division of Colombia. This is the best agreement which we have been able to achieve since the meetings of Ralito. Up to the present we have carried on a campaign of cleaning out all of the social slag who are said to call themselves defenders of human rights, social leaders, labor union leaders, politicized ex-guerrillas, and clearly headed by an insignificant group of poor quality lawyers who say that they are going to bring the president to judgment for his past, as if  we were not also aware of the dirty past which all of them together have.

We are undertaking from this moment a frontal war to the death against all those who hide behind their cover of façade, NGO¹s, rebel daily newspapers, tiny offices, houses of ³protection² of false democrats. We will go to their houses, buildings, offices, universities, we are going to haul them out publicly before the media so that the country can see the small class of person who awaits them if they change the course of the policy of security.

From this moment on we are going to apply the death penalty to the traitors of the fatherland, those who spend their time seeking asylum because they are scared t death in their country, shameless sons of bitches who turn their backs on their people, who steal the monies which come from other countries to these NGO¹s to serve the community, foundations camouflaged as benefactors who are nothing more than thieves of the future of our country.

Therefore, it is our reason for this new crusade, which we will carry out hand in hand with the national army and the armed forces of Colombia, to cleanse ourselves of what crap is left in the house.

Our immediate military objective is the execution of the disguised communists who hide themselves in the Polo Democratico, NGO¹s which ³protect² kneeling in a servile way the FARC, and those new revolting bolivarian movements which have begun to transcend our sovereignty and betray the democratically elected government in Colombia. NO MORE WITH YOU CAROUSING (parranda) SONS OF BITCHES.

The only dignified way out which they have is LEAVING THE COUNTRY. We will not permit them to continue with their actions of supposed democracy, since we know well that what they are hiding is the last strategy which is left to the FARC for taking powerŠof course with the petrodollars of Chavez and his communist ideology of crap. THEY CANNOT.

The North American people at the head of their present government know very well that you will not be the future of our country. We can count upon the military and technical support which will guarantee us a sweeping victory over the insurgents and their servile supporters (arrodillados).

Everyone should know that behind each one of those who say they are defenders of human rights, social leaders and poor quality lawyers, camouflaged journalists, and every ex-guerrilla who believes he is untouchable, after (de xada) there will be one of our commandos following his actions day and night, and his ties with the FARC, the ELN, and any other little group which may appear.

We will uncover them before the country and the world, showing the falsity which is hidden behind these ³innocent² little faces.

We will judge them in accord with their actions, massacring them in public squares so that the people will recognize the social justice which these traitors to the country deserve.

We will do away with you through your families, your children and your loved ones who will give their lives thanks to your dirty, cowardly acts, which you do not face up to, and for that reason your families will pay dearly for your error.

As far as the poor lawyers such as those of the collective and other NGO¹s and ex-guerrillas of the Polo who say they are going to judge the president, we warn them that these risky actions will cost them blood.

Now they will see what awaits them, these idle sons of bitches.

Tuesday, February 13ŠA yellow one is in sight!!!!!!!!!

Could it be that they will dare to meet and judge the president.

You now have your time up!

Death to the kneeling supporters of the FARC camouflaged as civilians

Death to false leaders, defenders and poor quality persons

Out of Colombia disguised communists

Total war to cleanse Colombia

Colombia Forever Free!!!!! !!!!!!


Colombia Support Network
P.O. Box 1505
Madison, WI  53701-1505
phone:  (608) 257-8753
fax:  (608) 255-6621

Colombia Support Network
P.O. Box 1505
Madison, WI  53701-1505
phone:  (608) 257-8753
fax:  (608) 255-6621

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