Message from American captive by FARC , to his mother on mother’s day

Josephine Rosano generously shares with us this message (third paragraph) from her son in captivity by the FARC. The message was sent by a Colombian captive to his family and includes a message to Jo. She authorized CSN  to post it in our web.

Received this e-mail on Friday the 11th. The third paragraph is my son talking to me.  All I could do is cry and cry.  I just keep reading over and over.  What a great Mother’s day gift.  Jo

Sent: Friday, May 11, 2007 4:49 PM
Subject: message from Colombia

Cali-Colombia, 27 April 2007.

Mrs. Josephine Rosano.

Thomas Howes´s Family

Keith Stansell´s Family

Painful fact for the one which also we as family are crossing, when having our dear EDISON PEREZ NUÑEZ suffering the drama of the kidnapping, the is one of the 12 deputies of the Valley of the Cauca that remain in captivity from April since 11 of   2002 and that next to 58 people but included their son Marc Gonsalves, their partners Thomas Howes, Keith Stansell, Political, military and policemen that make part of the call "exchange" or what we denominate an Agreement Humanitarian fact this that facilitated their liberation. This message by video to send the guerrilla of the Farc to Family’s Deputies since the captivity the 27 April 2007.

One of the Colombians who undergo in own meet the tragedy of the kidnapping, in the beginning marked in a wood piece every day of captivity, today the captivity marks in my life agony lustrums. He is that they are, five years, five years of pain, five years hoping that the government and the Farc demonstrate their political and historical stature deciding our freedom, of another part I am sure that if the three North Americans that also is kidnapped like hostages, had this possibility would request specially to his people and to the Congress of the United States, to demand President Bush, the unconditional and decided support to a Humanitarian Agreement.

Of another part, I must say to my family, that are they the reason to resist, for that reason you loved family also they must be strong, specially your mother mine, adored mother prettiest of the world, your the one that you gave the being me, the one that me to inculcate principles and values that I will take by always with me, tomorrow you will turn years and you will feel all the love, of a thanked for son and proud to have a so brave mother, layers, so worthy but so mainly so respectable, you have the complete adored Mom security what in any moment we are going away to reunite, for that reason you must to take care of oneself, meanwhile receives thousand little kisses and many hugs.

Vicente brother beloved, thanks to have done everything what I requested to you, not you worry if some things not leave as we wanted, interests me if, that is one who helps you to take care of our mother permanently, I reiterate my unrestricted support to you, as brother is proud your aspiration to me to the Council and like Tulueño that you will do it very well; the one of my glasses already this solved, to update to me on the neighbors, the friends, the relatives; to Rogert Nick I send to salute specially. I want that he knows that the forgetfulness of some friends hurts, but who the one of him, hurts the double, that please speaks with Claudia Castellanos so that next to Roy Barreras, friend to whom also I love and stranger, they lead the declaration of Pradera and Florida as zone of encounter asking to him the President decrees it urgently.

Vicente to send immediately by Internet my message to the relatives from the three North Americans so that they make it know the press, Office of the judge advocate general and of the Congress of that country.

Juan Sebastian. Son, you leaves being a single boy of seven years, today you must be a strong youngster and very handsome, able to understand that in spite of the circumstances you are a very lucky being, you have a father whom I love to you, and with who you will share many projects and a family of whom you can be proud, for that reason when you talk about my mother you must do it with the respect and the which had consideration, like that in your messages you tell me of your life, the school, of your friends, your diversions, your aspirations, the talk about the problems personally in freedom, not through the radio, I want that you know that always these in my mind, in my heart, God blesses to you, God blesses them to all.

I am Edison’s Brother, my name is Vicente Peréz I reiterate my solidarity and I would like that we maintained a correspondence, it stops this way to exchange ideas and actions that take in relation to the topic of those kidnapped, here so much in Colombia as their experiences in the USA, if it is that somehow you advance with the authorities of their Country, so that they intervene in the best way in the healthy liberation and all our relatives’ alive, I also request to you the favor of contacting the families of the other Americans.

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