The Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado has informed CSN of specific threats made in the last few days to eliminate the community.  Referring to the community as SOB’s and guerrilla supporters, paramilitaries spoke of a plan, apparently being developed with the military, to attack the Peace Community during this holiday season.

 The Peace Community of San Josesito living in La Holandita Farm are concerned that a demobilized member of the FARC guerrillas named SAMIR has been observed at the Seventeenth Brigade Headquarters in Carepa providing false information concerning supposed links between Peace Community Members and the FARC.

  The Peace Community is concerned about threats against peace community members due to their presence in an area where construction of the Urra dam is reportedly being planned.  The Peace Community reports that the Eleventh Brigade of the Army, based nearby in Cordoba Department, has implemented a registry for area residents and required them to carry an identification document developed by the Brigade.   
    We need to publicize the threats against the Peace Community and tell the Colombian government we are watching and expect it to disarm any attempt to attack the Peace Community and its members.  We expect the Eleventh Brigade and the Seventeenth Brigade, based in nearby Carepa, to provide safety to the members of the Peace Community, not to attack or facilitate attacks against them.
    We ask you to contact those listed below to express your support of the Peace Community and your expectation that protection be provided to its members against threats from the paramilitaries and the Colombian Army.  


To send messages to your members of Congress, please go to our website and see CSN’s Action Center:

Thomas Shannon
Assistant  Secretary Western Hemisphere

Ambassador William Brownfield



Presidencia de la República
Dr. Alvaro Uribe Vélez, Presidente de la Republica
Or via his website   
Scroll down and click on “Escribale al Presidente”

General Hernan Giraldo
Commander of the Seventeenth Brigade

Colonel Rafael Forero

Juan Manual Santos
Minister of Defense

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