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(Translated by Emily Hansen)
El Tiempo
January 26, 2010
            The ‘civic-military’ conference that the families of the uniformed men participated in culminated in raffles and a greeting by Military Forces Commander General Freddy Padilla.
            The uniformed men accused of ‘false positives’ in Soacha that were set free due to a breaching of terms in the trial and who were at one point confined in the Artillery School in the South of Bogotá upon orders from the Ministry of Defense just enjoyed a ‘conference of civic-military action’ that included psychological orientation, clowns, and a lunch including suckling pig.
            The meeting, which was organized by the Human Rights Department of the Military Forces, included the presence of the families of the uniformed men, even though some of them had to be brought in from different zones.
            The 46 men forming part of the group of military men that recovered their liberty during the beginning of this year had been “confined” upon orders of the Ministry of Defense and the Military Forces Command Unit until the judicial situation had been cleared up.  The event began at 8 in the morning with a mass that the institution generals attended and was followed by a conference given by various psychologists.
         During the middle of the morning the uniformed men were separated from their families: the military men were taken to a club that was equipped with candles and aromatherapy scents. There, according to one person who was at the event, they had a large relaxation and meditation therapy session.
            At the same time, the wives, mothers and sisters of the uniformed men were taken to a ‘spa’ in another club. They received facials, massages and dyes provided by a well-known beauty brand. Meanwhile, the children were being entertained by a group of
Unease and discomfort between families
           El Tiempo spoke with five of the families that attended the conference and was told that the military men were to be sent on vacation once liberty was ordered, but when the Ministry gave the order to confine them they were sent back to Bogotá immediately.
            “The General told us that he lamented their situation and that he supported us and our boys but that we had to wait for the justice decision.  But for us that party that he threw us was a slap in the face,” stated the mother of one of the military men.
            Everyone tried to talk to Padilla, but once he greeted each family he abandoned the military unit. That same day each uniformed man received a small lot of market goods and tickets for their families to return to their places of origin.
            When asked about this day, the Military Forces Commander confirmed the reunion and stated that “the intention was for the families to verify that the military men were in perfect condition, and for this reason they had psychological support.”

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