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March 11, 1998


DEFENSE NEWS - (MAR 9-15) -- A looming request from the Colombian 
Armed Forces to buy American helicopters to battle narcotics traffickers 
and leftist guerrillas promises to reignite the controversy over sales of 
sophisticated U.S. arms to Latin America.

Colombia is testing the political climate in Washington before making a 
formal request to buy Cobra or Super Cobra attack helicopters, Gen. Manuel 
Jose Bonett, chief of Colombia's armed forces, said in a March 4 interview. 

U.S. President Bill Clinton's Feb. 26 decision to waive sanctions against 
Colombia - a major exporter of illicit drugs to the United States - for not 
fully cooperating in the war against drugs is a step forward in enhancing 
military ties, according to Defense Department and Colombian officials. 

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