Special Reports

Background on San Jose de Apartado

If you would like to read the origins of the oldest rural community that declared itself a non- violent resistance … Read More »

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Initial Email Correspondence Between Kansas City and the Emberá-Chamí

These questions were e-mailed to Ancizar and Luis, after being translated by Maria Pelto, of CSN-KC Do you have electricity … Read More »

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The Cosmology of the Emberá-Chamí: the joint preservation project of the Kansas City Chapter

Colombia’s Constitutional Court recognized by Decision 004, 2009, that there are 35 indigenous nations in danger of physical and cultural … Read More »

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Pre-Trip Notes for Kansas City Delegation to Putumayo

Before the Kansas City Chapter embarked on their first delegation to their Emberá-Chamí sister community in Putumayo, Cecilia Zárate-Laun made … Read More »

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Report on Greystar’s Santurban Mining Project

Click here for the Report on Greystar’s Santurban Mining Project,3.14 Read More »