Colombian Film Showcase!

CSN- UW Badgers are hosting a Colombian Film Showcase from December 1st-6th! Featured films include: Marmato, Impunity, Embrace of the … Read More »

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Colombia Support Network UW-Badgers is the student branch of Colombia Support Network at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The student organization was founded in September of 2011. The student organization works towards two main goals: education and action. Representatives from Colombia Support Network educate the student organization on Colombia as a whole and the specific work Colombia Support Network continuously strives to achieve. The student organization then works to educate the student body of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the greater community. This education blends into action.

In December of 2011, the student organization brought Colombian journalist Hollman Morris to introduce, present and discuss his documentary Impunity to students and community members.

In January of 2012, members of CSN UW-Badgers attending their first student delegation to Colombia. The student delegation visited Dane County’s sister community, San José de Apartadó. Two highlights of this visit were helping to process the communities cocoa harvest and swimming in the river with the children of the community. In addition to meeting with various figures and groups in the cities of Apartadó, Medellin and Bogotá, the students had a private meeting with Colombian Student Leaders who continuously strive to prevent the privatization of higher education in Colombia. The students compared education systems and situations in both countries and were given a guided tour of the National University of Colombia.

After returning from the delegation, the students have attended press conferences, appeared on radio shows, and made presentations throughout the spring 2012 semester to educate the public on their experience in Colombia.

The student chapter is currently working on a variety of projects. The students will develop and maintain social media platforms for both CSN UW-Badgers and Colombia Support Network. The students are also working on establishing fair trade partnerships between the community of San José de Apartadó and Madison for the communities cocoa products. The students are also trying to bring Engineers Without Borders to the artisanal mining community of Marmato to educate the miners in more environmentally friendly mining practices.


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