(Translated by Eunice Gibson, a volunteer CSN translator)

        From June 9 until June 24, twelve communities have joined in civil resistance, carrying out the food-farming course put on by the University.  In these 25 days, we have been able to share our knowledge, essentially joining together in a search for control over our food.  As we have been able to see, this goes against the policies of this government, which is fomenting and re-establishing paramilitarism in our country.
         We saw and we reflected on the actions of this government, which is trying to break down and divide our communities with the so-called social investment pushed by paramilitarism and by government institutions.  Now it’s not just that the paramilitaries march along with the soldiers, but also that the Government institutions go along with them in that so-called investment.  They make use of people from our areas and who previously were from the same communities.  We are very worried to see this but we are also determined to resist these new acts of aggression.
         Besides all that, we shared everything that had to do with the payments for the seeds, along with all of the evils of genetic alteration. Those days were very enriching for all of the communities.
         Besides that, we are advancing a proposal for alternative education that is being carried out by communities in resistance.  This gives us a more solid hope of being able to go forward with the construction of an alternative and different world.
         In the same way, we were able to share the memory of a murdered leader, Francisco Puertas.  The government, with all of its methods, has tried to distort the work he did and the reality of what happened.  This feeling of memory gives us strength to go on.
         We know the difficulties and we know of the attacks by those who victimizing us, but we also know that the unity of civil resistance gives us the spirit to keep building new paths.

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