Army Official Arrested in Massacre Cases

(Translated by Eunice Gibson, a CSN volunteer translator)
Army Captain Guillermo Armando Gordillo was arrested by the Public Prosecutor for his alleged responsibility in two massacres, the one in San Jose de Apartado (Antioquia Province) and the one in La Resbalosa (Cordoba Province).  He is charged as the co-perpetrator in the crimes of murder of a protected person, conspiracy and terrorism.
The massacres took place in February of 2005 and the investigation that implicated Gordillo arose out of a direction that the investigation took at the beginning of this year, when the Public Prosecutor decided to tie more than 20 active military specifically to the events in San Jose de Apartado.
At this moment, a prosecutor from the Human Rights Unit has been able to prove that Captain Gordillo, commandant of the Bolivar counterinsurgency company of the Velez Battalion, part of the Army’s XVII Brigade, made use of paramilitaries as guides for an operation known as Phoenix, aimed at countering guerrilla activities.
The paramilitaries who served as guides for the regular Army troops were paramilitaries of the bloc known as “Heroes of Toloba”.  In carrying out this operation, they pointed out several civilians, among them two children, as collaborators with the guerrillas.
The victims
The events that directly implicate Captain Guillermo Armando Gordillo took place on February 21, 2005, in the town of Mulatos Medios, in the district of San Jose de Apartado (Antioquia Province) and in the town of La Resbalosa, in the municipality of Tierralta.  Five adults and three children were murdered.
In the district of Mulatos Medios, Luis Eduardo Guerra Guerra, his partner Beyanira Areiza, and his son Deyaner Andres Guerra Tuberquia lost their lives.  In La Resbalosa Alfonso Bolivar Tuberquia Graciano, his wife Sandra Milena Munoz Pozo, his children Natalia and Santiago, and Mr. Alejandro Perez were killed.
The arrested officer is in military custody.
Colprensa News Agency

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