(Translated by Peter Lenny, a CSN volunteer translator)



In view of what we have called our rejuvenated organization and the new directions of our armed struggle, we take this opportunity to notify our serious intention to declare open the opportunity that many Colombians sympathetic to our ideals have called for throughout Colombia, the daily wish of many fellow countrymen is a TOTAL REARMAMENT OF THE PARAMILITARY FORCES, which defend private property and the collective interests of thousands of Colombian men and women, it was a grave error to undertake a process of demobilization which has brought us to the disaster that we are facing, POLITICAL RECOGNITION FOR WHAT THE FARC-EP HAVE FOUGHT SO LONG HARD FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS is evident, and has undermined the honor or many Colombians, WE HAVE BEEN CLEARLY DEFEATED IN THE POLITICAL AND MILITARY FIELDS, today the Colombian guerrilla, boasts of sowing its ideology in foreign territories, it enjoys international status, and not only this but it boasts of the strong support from many Heads of State, it is time to generate a change of attitude, to confront such consequences produced by feeble governments, without direction or determination, kneeling to United States policies and strategies, ALVARO URIBE VELEZ represents submission and particular interests, trickery, irresponsibility and worse still A FALSE COMPATRIOT WHO WITH GIFTS OFFERED IN AN ABSURD DEMOBILIZATION ATTEMPTS TO GAIN INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION WITH A VIEW TO PERPETUATING HIMSELF IN POWER.
We believe faithfully that paramilitarism has been a method of social and political domination that has its roots in the doctrine of democratic national security. It began as an anti-subversive strategy and ended up turning into a model of territorial control, bringing together the most retrograde sectors of the armed forces, the political parties and private enterprise.

Neglect by the State of the effort to conserve the monopoly of force is extraordinarily dangerous and unpredictable. We, the AGUILAS NEGRAS, are not the emerging gangs that figure on the national scene, words invented by Interior and Justice Minister CARLOS HOLGUIN SARDI, a conservative bureaucrat who only EXERTS POLITICAL PRESSURES WITH A VIEW TO SUSTAINING HIS FAMILY AND CLOSE FRIENDS IN THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, on the contrary we have continued and resumed our armed struggle with support and tolerance from the State and the general citizenry who guide us to act within military and political parameters defined by those who spur us on.
On the basis of the foregoing, all those organizations, institutions, diplomatic representations and people in general who receive this communiqué, are declared PHASE A MILITARY OBJECTIVES (MEDIA, NGOs, EMBASSIES, MEMBERS AND FORMER MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, AND MEMBERS OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC WHO OFFER SUPPORT AND LOGISTICAL COLLABORATION TO THE NARCOGUERRILLA) which means a strong blow to the backbone of the FARC-EP’s political and military circumstances, besides the consequences deriving from them, such as murders, disappearances and all that has to do with our political and military ideology tending to put an end once and for all to the contributory scourge of disguised citizens participation giving unconditional support both armed and political, to these narco-terrorist groups, as our supreme commander declares, it is time to say COLOMBIA LIVES, if COLOMBIA LIVES IN PEACE.


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