European Parlamentarias protest repression in Colombia

(Courtesy of Manuel Rozental)

Parliamentary declaration
About the repression of the indigenous and trade unionist movements in Colombia


We, the undersigned MEPs, have been informed about the repression perpetrated against the indigenous demonstrations taking place since October 12th in different Colombian regions, and the murder of 27 indigenous people, the disappearance of many more and the injuring of others. We have also learned about the repression against the sugar cane workers movement which begun in September.


We want to express our deep indignation about these serious violations of indigenous and trade unionists’ rights that should not go unpunished.


We consider as legitimate the claims of the indigenous people for the respect of their land and autonomy, for the survival of their 102 different peoples, of which 18 are in constant danger of disappearance and for the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources. Likewise we recognize the legitimate claims of the sugar cane workers for decent work. 
We urge the Colombian government to order the police and army force to immediately stop the repression against the indigenous peoples’ and workers’ movement. 
We express our rejection of the unfounded expulsion of three European citizens who were observing the current demonstrations. 
We condemn the permanent use of the pretext of fighting against terrorism to repress the social movement in Colombia.
– Vittorio Agnoletto, Italy 
– André Brie, Germany 
– Giusto Catania, Italy 
– Gabriele Cretu,  Romania
– Bairbre De Brun, Ireland
– Ilda Figueiredo, Portugal
– Claudio Fava, Italy 
– Monica Frassoni , Italy
– Vicente Garcés, Spain
– Ana Maria Gomes, Portugal
– Pedro Guerreiro , Portugal
– Umberto Guidoni, Italy 
– Jens Holm, Sweden
– Richard Howitt, United Kindom
– Marie Anne Isler-Béguin, France 
– Eva Lichtenberger, Austria
– Marie-Noelle Lienemann, France 
– Caroline Lucas, United Kindom 
– Mary Lou Mac Donald, Ireland 
– Helmuth Markov, Germany 
– Erik Meijer, Holland 
– Willy Meyer-Pleite, Spain 
– Luisa Morgantini, Italy 
– Tobias Pflüger, Germany 
– Miguel Portas, Portugal 
– Miloslav Ransdorf, Czech Republic 
– Marco Rizzo, Italy 
– Raul Romeva Rueda, Spain 
– Esko Seppanen, Finland 
– Eva-Britt Svensson, Sweden 
– Feleknas Uca, Germany 
– Gabriele Zimmer, Germany.

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