Solidarity with Molano from the PDA-Switzerland

(Translated by Emily Hansen)
January 25, 2010
Geneva, Switzerland
ALFREDO MOLANO: Journalist and Writer of truth.
Cordial Greetings.
The Alternative Democratic Polo of Switzerland has the pleasure and honor of greeting you and expressing our profound solidarity and support in these times when the official narco-paramilitary gag of the government of Uribe Velez, along with his entourage, including the Araujo de Valledupar family, wants to replace justice with the silencing of opinion. They want to silence the liberty to write, and the liberty “that each citizen has” to express themselves freely.
         The judicial system is now being used to silence journalists, writers, common citizens and political opponents since the other means such as persecution, assassinations, death threats, displacement, exile, etc have already been exhausted, and continue to be used.  The perpetrators of these breaches of liberty are the recent Colombian governments, especially the government of Uribe Velez, associated with the corrupt narcoparamilitary mafias and many congressmen who have supported and currently support this government.
         Esteemed Alfredo, from these faraway lands of Switzerland, a handful of Colombians, both political refugees and fortunate Colombians, raise the flags of the Alternative Democratic Polo with dignity and hope for an imminent and truthful democratic change in Colombia.  We send you a big hug of solidarity and our firm conviction that you will come out on top of this “judicial trap” that the enemies of truth have set.
         Go, Alfredo, keep your head held high, and your dignity firm.  We hope that the cowardly hound dogs and enemies of truth will scream their hate out loud for having been discovered.  Colombia needs journalists and serious and honest writers like you so that the world will know what is happening in our country.
         We will remain attentive and vigilant and maintain an attitude of rejection and denunciation toward any attack on the democratic press or serious journalism, and above all toward anything that tries to silence the liberty that every human being has to express his or her opinions and thoughts.
         We affectionately send you our Polo hugs of solidarity.
National Spokesperson

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