Uribe convinces students to be informants for the Public Force of Medellin

(Translated by Emily Hansen)
           The program will be conducted through an alliance between the Government of Antioquia and the Mayor of Medellin.
            The program will be a new strategy to help fight crime in Medellin, where crime rates in the last few months have seen a dramatic rise.
        “Each student will receive 100,000 pesos each month under the title of bonus,” explained the leader of the measure.
            The people who sign up to be informants must be studying.
            The sending of 1,300 police and 137 investigators to fight the crime was also confirmed.
            The President arranged for 160 Police soldiers to be sent to Medellin this very afternoon.
            Declaring himself worried about the increasing crime in this city, Uribe said, “If everyone helps, we will be able to eradicate homicide from this city.”
            The homicide index in Medellin has increased in a surprising way this year compared to the same time last year.  Since 2009 the increase in crime has worried Uribe and the local and regional authorities.
            In 2009 there were 2178 homicides according to Legal Medicine, which represents an increase of 108% over the 1044 homicides in 2008.
            The worsening of the crime in Medillin has been attributed to the mafia surpluses of the narco-trafficking.
            The Ministry of Defense and the high military commanders have been asked to lead this operation in order to obtain a result as soon as possible.

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