Colombia Should Stop Being Washington’s Peon

RECALCA: Colombian Action Network Against Free Trade

(Translated by Elaine Fuller, a CSN Volunteer Translator)

On July 21 the Colombian government made accusations in the OAS about the supposed presence of FARC leaders in Venezuelan territory. According to what was known immediately afterwards, Uribe had had these documents in his possession for months, and numerous analysts analyses and political leaders – among them the ex-president of the PDA, Carlos Gaviria – in his possession for months; thus it appeared thought it strange that the documents were made publicfor this action to have been made public only two weeks before the change in government and thus purposely impeding the normalization of relations with the neighboring nation; as was being indicated by . According to indications given by the president-elect, Juan Manuel Santos and the government of Venezuela, the objective was to deter normalization of relations with a fraternal country.

The U.S. Assistant Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America, Arturo Valenzuela, immediately labeled Colombia’s denunciation as “‘very serious.”’ The Colombian government, on the one hand, says it is defending Colombia’ss the dignity of Colombia with regard toagainst Venezuela but, on the other hand, shamefully backs down tobefore the demands of the United States, ratifying an unjust commercial treaty and installing Yankee military bases in the four corners of Colombia.

Uribe’s The temperamentaluntimely accusations, of the Uribe government that even included accusing Chavez of squandering oil riches, angered the Venezuelan government, which immediately broke off relations with Uribe.
In several past interventions, Chavez declared that he respected Colombian sovereignty and that he counseled the Colombian guerilla fighters to stop the armed struggle, stating that “The the conditions don’t exist that would allow them to take power in the foreseeable future do not exist” and that “they have become the principal pretext for U.S. imperial interests to completely penetrate Colombia and from there attacktransformed the original pretext of their authority to thoroughly penetrating Colombia and from there attacking Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cuba.” At the same time, Chavez declared that he will not permit a Colombian military attack.
Meanwhile, a magazine like thesuch as The Economist, with undeniable with undeniable anti-Chavez credentials, asked Uribe to allow Santos to governleave governing to Santos and asked Santos to name Uribe as ambassador to Beijing.
Until the last day of his administration, Uribe iswas determined to make enemies with neighboring governments that have chosen a path of development distinct from Washington’s the dictates of Washington and to thatthat end usesd the subject of the FARC as pretext, demandingrequiring neighboring governments to capture guerilla leaders that he hasthey have not been able to capture in Colombia.
At the same time, he spreads a new smokescreen is spread over the tremendous scandals that directly involve the presidential office with telephone wiretapping and the existence of masscommunal graves with hundreds of dead in the Macarena zone.

The rupture of relations between Venezuela and Colombia affects the people of both countries and contradicts the traditional cultural and economic ties that have allowed fraternal relations between their peoples. Uribe’s bellicosityThe Uribista Bellicosity seekswants to impose its ideals on everyone and has resulted in acarried out a 74% reduction in exports to its fraternal brother nationcountry, going from six billionthousand million dollars to little more than a billionthousand million dollars, seriously damaging the agricultural and industrial sectors of the country.

We call upon Santos’ the government of Santos to initiate thestart upon the path way towards the normalization of relations with its fraternal nationbrother country on the basis of resolving differences by means ofthrough dialogue, non-interventionby not intervening in the internal affairs of either of the two countries, by the recovery of economic trade and by putting into effect effortsforces towardsfor the integration of Latin American without interference from the United States.

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