Yuripari Corporation

(Translated by Emily Schmitz, a CSN Volunteer Translator)

The Yurupari Corporation expresses their utmost concern for the continuous massacres and has issued a warning call due to the quantity of massacres seen throughout various departments of the country:, which include massacres such as those in Antioquia and its capital Medellin and in Cordoba and its capital Monteria.  These are cities that undoubtedly rely upon some of the best security plans and most prominent presence of armed forces.  We find it important to mention the continual violation of human rights in this country which is impacted by actions or the absence of the involvement of the Colombian State itself.

We call civil and military authorities to attention to tend to the urgent manner of the urgent state of the right to life

Five Massacres

In 2010 delinquent gangs in Cordoba carried out five massacres, leaving twenty-five people assassinated.  The first multiple homicides were registered last February 6th in the municipality of Buenavista, when four people were killed with gunshots, their bodies left abandoned in the middle of Troncal street.

On the twenty-first of March attacks turned to the division of San Juan, located in the jurisdiction of Puerto Libertador, when seven people in a bar were gunned down by assassins.

Even Colina Real, a neighborhood in Monteria, did not escape this string of crimes when, on April fourth, four youths chatting in a store were killed when they were showered with the bullets of these criminals.

The most recent act was registered this past June twenty-ninth when an armed command unit reached the village of Los Cordobas in rural Montelibano and killed five people, several of which were in a football field.

The Colonia El 72 was converted into the fifth massacre of the year; a product of a bloody battle which occurred on the twentieth of June.

Through information gathered from “El Meridiano de Cordoba”, Antioquia and its capital Medellin have had three massacres in less than a week:  the first occurred early morning on Friday, where eight died in Envigado, a similar scene followed on Sunday in Cisneros with four deaths and on Wednesday in Uramita where seven more victims were seen.  These events could be a product of disputes by gangs over the control of micro trafficking such as cultivation zones, exportation routes and hallucinogens.


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