Pieded Cordoba Release

(Translated by Leo Hernan Torres, a CSN Volunteer Translator, and edited by Teresa Welsh, a CSN Volunteer Editor)
"I am Piedad Cordoba Ruiz, liberal, feminist, pacifist, an advocate of human rights and peace. I’m not Teodora Bolivar.” Piedad Córdoba.

The Senator is more secure than ever, no doubt. Her voice, strong and confident again, demonstrate its commitment to peace in our country: "I will go to every corner of Colombia to seek peace for my country," said Cordoba, at a press conference this morning at "La Casa de la Mujer."
"None of my actions have been made behind the country’s back," the senator said as she recalled all humanitarian actions she has done for more than 10 years, work that is now being criminalized, achieving thereby not only the impediment and affect her actions, but closing her possibilities of working for peace in Colombia.
Piedad Córdoba gave thanks for the moral and ethical support which has been provided by the Liberal Party and other political parties, by various governments through their representatives and agents, and by women, social organizations, and the media, stressing they have the responsibility of deliver the truth; the truth that she eagerly is telling to the world public opinion. "Peace is my companion, and if I am sent to jail, my voice will rise sovereign and strong to insist on the search of peace. Neither the hostages nor their families will be alone; they should have full and absolute certainty that this is not going to intimidate me. "
The senator also expressed his appreciation to Attorney General, Alejandro Ordóñez. "Thank you, Mr. Attorney General, because your decision helps me to confirm that this is what I want to keep doing. This is the price many have to pay for fighting for peace, but I’ll keep going because it is my right and my duty. "
Those rights and duties are not just of Piedad Cordoba, so they are of all women’s social organizations, feminists and mixed that are joining her struggle, because as she says "Peace is not the silence of the graves, peace is the presence of differences in the conflicts. But above all, peace is justice!”
Casa de la Mujer

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