An Effort to Stop Congressional Approval of the Colombia – US FTA


Read the CSN’s editorial on the proposed FTA and learn why the FTA with Colombia will cause real damage in both countries, while further enriching multinational businesses :

Read more details of why it portends disaster for Colombia’s countryside

The following is a letter from a Democratic Congressman to one of his constituents who responded to our campaign. He seems unaware of the real negative impact which the U.S. – Colombia FTA will very likely cost in this country, while decimating small-scale farming in Colombia and undermining local industries’ markets there.

More articles from CSN’s newsletter below on page 7

The proposed Colombia – US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is about to come up for a vote in the US Congress. This FTA will cost US jobs, as multinational businesses take work to low-paying jobs in Colombia to avoid paying higher wages and benefits in this country. In Colombia, meanwhile, labor leaders continue to be murdered and threatened. The Obama Administration has linked passage to greater protecion of workers and an end to legislation promoting employer-controlled “cooperatives” as a union-avoidance technique, but these proposed changes have not shown tangible results. Meanwhile, the elimination of trade barriers to entry of US agricultural products will decimate the markets for peasants’, indigenous’ and Afro-Colombians’ products, and intellectual property provisions threaten Colombian indigenous peoples’ access to medicinal herbs, while several Colombian industries are threatened by elimination of import duties.

Please call your Congressional representatives to tell them you oppose the Colombia-US FTA, because it will cost US jobs while failing to protect Colombian workers and peasants. Click here to Find Your Representative

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