Colombia Film Series

This series introduces the subject of Colombia by presenting all sides of the country: environment, drugs, political history (Plan Colombia), youth, political violence (the Patriotic Union), forced displacement, and more. The key film topic will be discussed before and analyzed after each screening. The post-screening discussion will make connections between what was seen in the movie and other aspects of Colombian society that are not directly expressed in the movie. For each presentation there will be a representative from CSN who will lead the discussion.

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September 13th – Baile Rojo

September 27th – Plan Colombia

October 11th – WE CAN NOT KEEP SILENT with Gildardo Tuberquia to answer questions!

October 25th – Impunity

November 8th – Who Shot My Brother?

November 29th – Marmato : The Mountain Of Gold

7:30pm, immediately following the CSN UW-Badgers Chapter meeting

Room 206 Ingraham Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus

1155 Observatory Drive – Madison, WI 53706



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