Help to find Miguel Angel Pabon

MIGUEL ANGEL PABON PABON, 36 years old and father of two daughters, has worked as a dedicated and prominent environmentalist in the protection of the Sogamoso River and its fishing and farming communities.  In 2007 he arrived at the Peaje Settlement in the municipality of Betulia, located near the construction site of the Sogamoso Hydroelectric Plant. Read more here :

Please write to the following Colombian authorities and tell them the following :

Minister of Mining and Energy: Sr. Federico Renjifo :
Vice minister of Energy : Sr. Tomas Gonzalez :
Gobernador Santander Richard Aguilar
Colonel Edgar Enrique Nieto Cardenas
1. Investigate to determine what has happened to Miguel Angel Pabon and return him safe and sound to his home if he is found
2. Prosecute those responsible for the dissappearance of Miguel Angel
3. Provide protection to those protesting the actions of the Colombian government and the companies hired to build dams and hydroelectric plants which cause serious damage to families in their regions and lands
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