Letter from the Peace Community November 27, 2012

( Translated by Eunice Gibson, a CSN volunteer translator)

San Josecito, November 27, 2012

Fraternal greetings,

First and foremost we want to thank you for the welcome you gave to our comrade Jesus Emilio in his recent visit to the United States.  It is these bonds of international solidarity that have allowed us to keep our system going and to forge ahead, living and working the soil of our grandfathers.  This solidarity is so significant that without it we would not be able to maintain the investments that we have been able to return from the Community to the different towns like La Esperanza, Arenas, and Mulatos, where we have constructed a Peace Village, Resbalosa, Alto Joaquín, Naín, Puerto Nuevo, Las Claras and La Cristalina.

This area in the Abibe Hills (Serranía de Abibe) continues to be very much coveted by the different armed actors and in their battle for control of it they disregard the rights and the dignity of those of us who live there.  That is why the support and endorsement in your statements to the international community and your declarations and petitions to the Colombian government, when that has taken place, have constituted very clear and palpable actions that support our system of peaceful coexistence in the midst of the war and much more in these recent days while paramilitarism is expanding, with terror and suffering in the area, especially in the towns of La Esperanza and Arenas, which are settlements of our Community.

The systems that we have developed together have made an impact in our lives, in our everyday existence.  We have the possibility of living day to day with dignity and that has allowed us to solidify our process.  The events and the accomplishments that we have achieved are more than words, because they have meant the possibility of continuing to live on our land.

In these times the threats are increasing and especially the constant combat that has been going on in the last few days is putting the civilian population at grave risk.

But the most significant reason is that the affection and appreciation that we feel mutually has made us into brothers and sisters.

Dearest Cecilia and our other friends, your work on our behalf is vital and we feel strengthened by every letter of support, by every e-mail, by every project that you carry out.  For that, many thanks for walking with us.  From where you are, you are also building a peace community.

We hope to have you among us very soon.

With kind regards,

The Internal Council of the  Peace Community


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