Dear Cecilia:

We apologize to you and all the CSN  team which supports our Community for the delay in sending this letter to thank you. We are very grateful for all the political work and accompaniment of our process. We also feel grateful for all your accompaniment of Jesus Emilio in the recent tour he made in the United States. We believe that these gestures are very significant for the Community, for all the work which could be done in the United States, and which still continues to have a great impact upon our lives in our day-to-day activities.

A short while ago we completed 16 years of the Community’s existence. This great achievement would not have been possible without the accompaniment of persons and organizations like yours.

We believe this network of accompaniment which has been put together in solidarity with the Community permits us to keep following the way of civil non-violent resistance in the midst of the armed confrontation which Colombia is experiencing.

These spaces permit us to perceive that reality which is unknown and which we have to live daily in the midst of so many injustices.

Your work in bringing our situation before the national government is very important for us, because it shows all the solidarity and support of such valuable organizations which have chosen to support us, with satisfaction and great appreciation.

But more than this, it is this affection which unites us as brothers, more than as friends.

We hope to have you among us very soon.

With great affection and appreciation,


Internal Council

Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado
























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