CSN Newsletter December 2013

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Click here for the December 2013 Colombia Support Network Newsletter

This Newsletter contains several interesting reports on current developments in Colombia. Articles by Eunice Gibson and David Kast provide a view of the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado and show how it continues its humane activities even while threatened by nearby paramilitary forces and the Seventeenth Brigade of the Colombian Army.

Yamil Amar, the courageous leader of the civilian organization which opposes a plan by a Canadian-Colombian multinational mining company, which would destroy the historic mining town of Marmato, provides an update on the community’s defense against this threat to its existence.

And Carmenza Tez of Sibundoy in Putumayo Department, who has been a leader in the Kamentsa and Inga indigenous, writes about the significant solidarity among small-scale farmers throughout Colombia in opposing government policies which portend the destruction of their livelihood and their communities. We hope you enjoy these articles. CSN

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