Letter Requesting a Meeting Regarding Mining Exploration

Bogotà, D.C., Thursday, September 25, 2014

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen

Subject: Call for a Prior Consultation Meeting with the Resguardo Colonial de San Andrès, the phase in focus being: analysis, impact identification and measures to be taken in regard to the exploratory diamond drilling of 4 holes in the Santiago municipality, Putumayo Department.

The office of Prior Consultation protects and supports the cultural diversity of ethnic communities in compliance with the Colombian Constitution, Law 21, Article 2, and also with ILO-Convention # 169, of 1989, and would like to make known that the Anglo-American Company intends to implement the following project ‘Exploratory Diamond Drilling of 4 Holes’ in the ‘sphere of influence’ of the San Andrès Colonial Reservation (Resguardo Colonial) , i.e., the Municipalities of Santiago and San Francisco, Putumayo Department. The exact site was certified by Resolution
# 00000432 on 10-31-2011.

For this reason there will be a Prior Consultation meeting with a focus on analysis, impact identification and formulation of management measures in order to initiate concerted activities, allowing for this fundamental right to be implemented.

The following have been invited to attend: the authorities and members of the Colonial Reservation, Prior Consultation administration officials, environmental authorities and members of municipal and departmental Boards of Control.

Pursuant to the above, the following persons will be invited:

Patricia Luna Paredes
Diego Fernando Gutierrez
Jesus Armando Toro
Tito Ivan Barrera Ortega
Albeny Salas Rodriguez
Willian Rengifo
Manuel Gonzales Ossa
Antonio Cuatindoy
Beatriz Maya Chaves

The agenda of the meeting is as follows:

Analysis, identification of impacts and formulation of management measures.

Prior Consultation Administration Official Sonia Consuelo Rosero Jojoa will be in charge of this meeting. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to call (311) 359-9458 or send a message to snya rosero@gov.co

We are looking forward to your participation at this meeting.


Alvaro Echeverry Londono
Director : Prior Consultation Administration
Ministry of Interior

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