CSN Newsletter November 2015

This edition of our CSN Newsletter features articles related to our July delegation to Colombia, which focused on threats to water supplies and rural communities presented by government-supported mining and road construction plans. We also look at the vibrant response of the residents of the threatened communities. From the Santurban paramos near Bucaramanga, to the Kamentsa and Inga communities in the Sibundoy Valley, to the town of Marmato, this Newsletter details how communities are confronting the threat presented by multinational development plans to their communities.
Newsletter November 2015

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  • Visiting Sibundoy
  • A Visit to the Santurban Paramo
  • Visit with Lawyers’ Collective of Bucaramanga
  • Discussion of My Trip to Bucaramanga and California in the Department of Santander
  • A Few Notes on the Peace Process


Letter from Craig Wehrle, longtime member of the CSN board

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