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(Translated by Beatriz Vejarano, a CSN Volunteer Transator)

Around six o’clock in the afternoon of Thursday, October 13, in the municipality of Cáceres, two armed men entered the home of Espólita Casiana, approximately 50 years old, and shot her. Afterwards, the shooters left for the home of the indigenous woman Lina Sierra Salcedo, 23 years old, and shot her too. The events happened in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires of this municipality of Bajo Cauca in Antioquia Department, as was reported by the IPC press agency.

The double murder was commited by alleged members of post-paramilitary groups who, after the attack, sought refuge in an area known as La Isla (The Island), after crossing the Rayo River, a place that according to reports has turned into a stronghold of this armed group.

Ms. Espólita was a founding leader of the Association of Displaced Persons of Cáceres (Asodesplazca), while the young Lina Sierra was a member of the indigenous community Omagá. At the time of the homicide the young indigenous woman was with her partner, a professional soldier in the Army.  The man, who was on leave, was able to escape the shooting unharmed.

Although the homicides happened at six in the afternoon, and the Buenos Aires quarter is located a few meters from the Police station, the authorities were slow in arriving at the scene of the event, according to the neighbors.

It is worth mentioning that that same Thursday afternoon, on the road that leads from Caucasia to Tarazá, also in the Antioquia region of Bajo Cauca, former Congresswoman Rocío Arias was attacked by two men who shot at her car from a motorcycle.

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