Colombia Support Network Delegation to Colombia, November 6-18, 2017

The Colombia Support Network (CSN) is organizing a delegation to Colombia for November 6-18, 2017. We will begin our visit with our Wisconsin sister community, the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado in northern Antioquia Department, and will then travel to Medellin for meetings with officials and human rights workers there. Then we will travel to Bogota, where we plan to meet with Colombian Government officials and attorneys who drafted or negotiated parts of the Peace Agreement between the FARC-EP guerrillas and the Colombian government, progressive members of the Colombian Congress and of citizen organizations, human rights NGO’s and labor union leaders. We plan to discuss the successes and difficulties of implementation of the Peace Agreement, and the effects on civil society. After our 6-day visit to Bogota, we will travel to the Sibundoy Valley in Putumayo Department to visit the Kamentsa and Inga indigenous communities and discuss with them threats to the environment posed by road construction and mining projects and how they are working to preserve their heritage and traditional economy.

The cost to participate in the delegation is $1,900.00, including all transportation within Colombia, lodging and meals as well as the services of a professional translator, who will accompany us This does not include round-trip airfare from the United States to Colombia. Please send us an email to or to or give us a call at (608) 257-8753 if you are interested in going on the delegation, or have questions about the delegation.

Jack Laun

President of CSN

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