About CSN Chapters

Austin Chapter visits Tiquisio sister community

Austin Chapter visits Tiquisio sister community

Colombia Support Network is a network of grassroots groups building solidarity with sister communities in Colombia. From the initial chapter in Madison, Wisconsin, CSN has grown into a network of several local organizations from coast to coast.

Each CSN chapter builds a relationship with a sister community, by forging person-to-person ties. CSN tries to support the people of Colombia, whose lives and communities are under threat every day. We do this by offering solidarity, rather than charity.

The parallel, equally important role of a CSN chapter is education, within its community, of the conflict in Colombia and the U.S. role there. Though Colombia is frequently in the news, coverage is frequently biased toward U.S. official policy, and therefore against the people of Colombia. CSN chapters work to right that imbalance.

Current Chapters are listed on the sidebar to the right and and each of the chapter pages includes links to recent news about chapter activities.

If you are interested in joining chapter, starting a chapter or getting more information about chapters, give us a call or use the contact form on the Contact Us page.