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Marmato presents an extraordinary spectacle……….

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Please take the time to send the enclosed text to the officials and entities from Colombia, Canada and the United States listed below the message:

I oppose the current plan by the Colombian government to destroy the old mining town of Marmato and relocate its residents in order to permit the Canadian company Gran Colombia Gold to develop an open – pit mine, for the following reasons :

1.Marmato is a historic town whose gold financed the independence of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Panamá. It was declared a Historical Monument by the Colombian Government and as such it must be protected and not destroyed.

2.The artisan miners that for many generations have extracted gold in Marmato, will lose their jobs, will be displaced and will join the shameful record held by Colombia of near 6 million displaced Colombians. Open pit mines offer very few opportunities for employment.

3.The environmental damage caused by this open- pit mine will devastate the countryside near Marmato, and the damage will not be compensated by the mining company.


Presidente Juan Manual Santos (c/o Juan Oviedo): juanoviedo@presidencia.gov.co Or if in the US, send a fax to: 011 57 1 596 0631

Office of the Vice Presidente Angelino Garzon c/o Martha Carrillo: martha.carrillo@presidencia.gov.co

Minister of the Interior: German Vargas -Lleras c/o Diana Celis diana.celis@mininterior.gov.co

Minister of Mines; Mauricio Cardenas mcardenas@minminas.gov.co

Minister of Culture: Mariana Garces ministro@mincultura.gov.co

Public Defender : Volmar Perez asuntosdefensor@defensoria.org.co

Gran Colombia Gold: maraujo@grancolombiagold.com investorrelations@grancolombiagold.com

Governor of Caldas: Guido Echeverri gecheverri@governaciondecaldas.gov.co

Mayor of Marmato: Hector Jaime Osorio contactenos@marmato-caldas.gov.co alcaldia@marmato-caldas.gov.co


Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs): diane.ablonczy@parl.gc.ca

Tim Martin, Canadian Ambassador to the Republic of Colombia: bgota-td@international.gc.ca

Dr. Clemencia Forero Ucros, Colombian Ambassador to Canada: embajada@embajadacolombia.ca


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: colemancl@state.gov

James McGovern (c/o Cindy Buhl): Cindy.Buhl@mail.house.gov

Senator Patrick Leahy (c/o Tim Reiser): Tim_reiser@appro.senate.gov

George Miller (c/o Richard Miller): Richard.Miller@mail.house.gov

Sander Levin (c/o Alex Perkins): alex.perkins@mail.house.gov

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