CSN Newsletter Spring 2016

This edition of our CSN Newsletter features articles focused on threats to natural resources and rural communities presented by government-supported mining and road construction plans. As the March 23rd date to sign the peace accords has passed without an agreement, we provide an overview of this Colombian Peace Process. This issue also includes a more specific glimpse of the inconsistency between business interests and peace as the Kamenentsa indigenous people denounced the Catholic Church for selling land to development projects that was stolen from the indigenous people while at the same time participating in the annual indigenous festival of the new year, connection to the earth and peace between the Kamentsa and Inga peoples of Sibundoy Valley in Putumayo.

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Newsletter Spring 2016

  • A Call to Save La Vega
  • The Klestrinye and the Attacks on the Territories of the Kamentsa Indigenous People
  • Overview of the Colombian Peace Process
  • The Business of Natural Resources, Corruption and Violence
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