CSN Newsletter Summer 2016

This edition of our CSN Newsletter reports on activities of our April delegation to the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado and to Bogota. The focus of this edition is on the preparations for an end to the armed conflict that Colombia has experienced for the last 70 years. We report on the views of the Peace Community’s leadership and on the remarkable educational system which guides young people in the community to understand what the peaceful resistance to the use of arms means for their village.

Newsletter Summer 2016

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  • What Will the Proposed Colombian Peace Agreement Mean for the Peace Community San José de Apartadó? April 2016 Delegation to San Josecito and La Unión
  • An End to Colombia’s Armed Conflict?
    Reflections on Our Delegation Meetings in Bogotá
  • Far Away Relatives visit each other
  • A Unique and Special Educational System

Letter from Jack Laun, President of the CSN Board

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