ContagioRadio, April 5, 2022


(Translated by Eunice Gibson, CSN Volunteer Translator)

The armed group that calls itself “Aguilas Negras” (“Black Eagles”) once again has used a communication sent on April 4 to threaten members of the “Historic Pact” Coalition, whose best known candidates are Francia Márquez, Iván Cepeda, and Gustavo Petro.

The stated reasons for the threats include accusations like “the Castro Chavista narco-guerrilla is about to take power”, alluding to the Historic Pact Coalition, which came out first in the electoral round on last March 12.

The illegal armed group declared its wish to avoid “the catastrophe” that supposedly will turn Colombia into a new Venezuela, by eliminating “everyone who says they are democrats, social leaders, human rights defenders, but are nothing but guerrillas lurking in legality until we can carry out our mission and exterminate them like the rats they will always be.”

Contagio Radio condemns this attempted threat and calls on everyone to respect the legality and the integrity of Congress Members chosen democratically by the Colombian people for the new Congress.

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