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ACIN Reports Assassination of Two Members of the Indigenous Guard

( Translated by Cecilia Zarate – Laun, Edited by John I. Laun) Source: http://congresodelospueblos.org/ejes-y-sectores-vista/paro-nacional-2016/item/908-carta-al-presidente-de-la-republica.html Letter to the President of the … Read More »

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Unconstitutionality of Military Bases and of the Militarization of Indigenous Territories

Cxhab Wala Kiwe, July 18, 2012 Translated by Eunice Gibson, CSN volunteer translator To: VOLMAR PÉREZ Public Defender ALEJANDRO ORDOÑEZ … Read More »

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CSN’S Statement in Support of the Cauca Indigenous Demand that all Armed Actors Leave their Lands

For more than a week the municipality of Toribio in Cauca Department, home to the Nasa indigenous community, has been … Read More »

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Odyssey of and peaceful resistance by Cauca indigenous communities faced by continued armed conflicts.

(Translated by Rolf Schoneborn,a CSN volunteer translator) Source : ACIN Asociación de Cabildos Indígenas del Caucahttp://www.nasaacin.org/nuestra-palabra-kueta-susuza/4296-cauca-odisea-y-resistencia-pacifica-de-las-comunidades-indigenas-frente-al-conflicto July 10,2012 Moving testimony … Read More »

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