By María Mónica González Escandón, RCN RADIO, September 24, 2020

(Translated by Eunice Gibson, CSN Volunteer Translator)

Colombia’s Inspector General, Fernando Carrillo, launched tough criticism of the management of funds allocated for environmental protection in the Pacific area, and he declared that Colombia is “sick and tired” of centralism.

He brought up the challenge in the framework of the environmental hearing held by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle (CVC) where he also protested that the funds provided through international cooperation are not reaching the countryside..

“Along with the National Federation of Provinces, we have insisted on following the rules established by the Regions Statute. Colombia needs a different type of focus; it’s sick and tired of centralism and the heirarchization of policies,” he added.

In his presentation, he stated that he had confidence in the actions of the Regional Autonomous Corporations in the fight to defend the Pacific with its environmental diversity.

“We have an environmental problem that ends up translated into failure to control the violence and failure to control the injustices that are going on in the countryside. The armed actors have no interest in environmental justice and in protecting the collective rights that they are injuring,” stated the official.

The Inspector General stated that he intended to continue fighting against deforestation, and to curb illegal commerce of timber, activities that affect the future of the Pacific area, an area that has been forgotten in the public policies and the implementation of development.

“The Colombian Pacific possesses riches in ecology, hydrology, mining and forests, and, still, for many decades the government has made it the victim of neglect and exclusion.”

The Governors of Valle, Chocó, Cauca, Risaralda, and Nariño were present at the environmental hearing, as well as the Directors of the Regional Autonomous Corporations, and Sustainable Development.

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