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Declaration from Congress of the Peoples about the ongoing peace process

Source: http://www.congresodelospueblos.org/comunicados-congreso-de-los-pueblos/item/845-declaracion-del-congreso-de-los-pueblos-sobre-el-proceso-de-paz-en-curso.html (Translated by Eunice Gibson, CSN volunteer translator) As part of the meeting of the 18th Policy Commission on …

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The Situation Worsens for Human Rights Defenders

(Translated by David Van Den Brandt, a CSN Volunteer Translator) Link: http://congresodelospueblos.org/index.php/paro-nacional-2014/522-denuncia-publica-no-3-se-agrava-situacion-de-ddhh-en-paro-agrario Source: Congreso de los Pueblos Public complaint no. …

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